About Us

A few things to expect in the event you are hired.

This position requires someone who can multi-task.

Most of the time this position is a one person operation.

It will be necessary for one to wait on customers, cook keep thing clean and orderly, maintain a pleasant attitude.

Good math skills are very helpful. you will be responsible for collecting money from customers, being able to make correct change, and have the cash drawer balance out at the end of your shift.

It will require you to be on time.

Work hours you are scheduled and complete your duties within scheduled time.

No personal calls during work hours.

No cell phones used during working hours.

No friends or family members hanging around during your working hours.

You must be neat in appearance.

No belly shirts, tank tops, halters, or low cut tops.

No open toed shoes or high heels.

These are just a few of the major requirements for this position.

If you feel you can abide by the above requirements and any other that is deemed necessary to this position, then fill out the application below.

Thank You!